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New Pixel 4 Photos Reveals 8X Zoom Camera Feature

One of the camera features that we’re seeing rise in popularity these days is zoom. While zoom isn’t a new camera feature, these days more handset makers are introducing cameras that can zoom further than before while retaining impressive levels of detail, much like you would expect from an actual camera with a zoom lens attached to it.

We’ve seen companies like Huawei and Oppo introduce such cameras, and it seems that Google could also be introducing something similar to the Pixel 4 as well. This is according to a series of leaked photos posted on Weibo in which in one of the photos, it shows the camera of the phone in operation where it shows the 8x zoom slider at the bottom of the phone.

However, whether or not this will be on par with what Huawei and Oppo have achieved remains to be seen, as both these companies have achieved some truly impressive results. In addition to revealing the upcoming feature, it seems that the leaked photos also confirms that the Pixel 4 will come with 6GB of RAM. This is an upgrade over the Pixel 3 smartphones which only came with 4GB of RAM.

Some other alleged features of the Pixel 4 that we have heard in the past also include a 90Hz display and the use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. Take it with a grain of salt as Google has yet to officially announce a launch date for the Pixel 4 phones.

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