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Lenovo Takes The Wraps Off Their Smart Display 7

In recent years, we’re starting to see the rise in smart displays. These are essentially smart speakers with displays built into them, where the added display means that users will be able to watch videos, make video calls, and also connect with other smart devices like cameras to see who’s at the door.

Lenovo has actually been on a roll creating these devices like the Smart Display from 2018 and the smaller Smart Clock that was launched this year. Now it looks like the company is back with yet another smart display, this time dubbed the Smart Display 7. As its name implies, this device will come with a slightly smaller 7-inch display compared to its larger 8-inch and 10-inch siblings, so if you wanted something more compact, this could be it.

It also sports a slightly different design compared to the other models, where in this case, Lenovo has opted to put the speakers below the display instead of to the side, which means that the audio should be directly fully at the user. Other than that, it is essentially the same device with support for Google Assistant along with a built-in camera.

Given that this is smaller compared to the 8-inch and 10-inch models, it also means that it will be cheaper. It will be priced at $130 and is expected to be available for purchase this coming October.

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