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Jenelle Evans & David Eason: We're BACK and Our Family Is Better Than Ever!

It's been one month since Jenelle Evans and David Eason regained custody of their kids.

Of course, it's also been several weeks since Jenelle has had any kind of steady employment, so most of that time has been spent launching business ventures and posting sponsored content so that the Swamp Spouses won't be forced to get real jobs.

But if you were worried that David and Jenelle are neglecting their kids again, fear not.

At the very least, they're taking the time to snap pics of them and sell the content to tabloids, which is totally the same as parenting, right?

Yes, Evans took to Instagram today to inform fans that she and David are "BACK!"

(Someone should tell her that she never went anywhere; it was her kids who were relocated.)

She then encouraged her followers to click the link in her bio, but we have the latest on Jenelle's summer, in case you want to keep up on the latest without helping her get paid for doing nothing.

We're just trying to do our part:

1. They’re Baaaack!

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
Jenelle Evans and David Eason want fans to know they’re on the rebound. They’re still unemployed and widely despised, but we guess that’s their idea of a rebound.

2. A Growing Family

The eason family
Jenelle and David don’t even have custody of all their kids (They each have a son that lives with his grandmother.), but hey — it looks like they’re gonna end the summer with three more kids than they started with!

3. Speaking Too Soon?

Jenelle and jace on the road
Actually, there’s a couple weeks before Labor Day, so we suppose they could still mess this thing up, but for now, it looks as though the Easons will start fall as a semi-complete family

4. Summertime and the Living’s Swampy

Jenelle n em
For the last four weeks, at least, Jenelle has had most of her kids at home, and she wants to be praised for it, dammit!

5. Whatever You Say

Guns for my kids
She also wants you to know that they immediately put the trauma of being forcibly relocated behind them and had a totally awesome summer.

6. Wheeling and Dealing

Celebrating jace
Anyway, that’s the fairy tale the Easons sold to Us Weekly in exchange for a link to the puff piece about Jenelle that appeared on their site today.

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