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Tom Brady Explains Why The ‘Butt Blaster’ Is His Favorite Exercise Equipment (VIDEO)

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Tom Brady will hit the field in 2019 as a 42-year-old man who is trying to secure his seventh NFL trophy and ring. That is just ridiculous no matter how you look at it.

Being up there in age means he needs to stay in tip-top shape to avoid a serious injury.

The six-time Super Bowl champion, 16-time division champion, and 14-time Pro Bowler recently spoke with Men’s health about what he does that gets him ready for a grueling NFL season.

“I’m doing a lot of chillin’,” Brady tells Men’s Health. “But I also like to get my workouts in.” Brady works out here with his trainer and cofounder of his company, TB12, Alex Guerrero. Workouts begin on the message table for deep muscle work. Brady then picks up a resistance band and completes various movement drills including squats, lunges, and planks. He then returns to the message table. The philosophy is “pliability”—a word scrawled across Brady’s shirt and baked into TB12.

For solo muscle work, Brady says he takes his pliability roller on the road. “I use it always before my workouts—which is critical—and then always right after,” he says.”

Brady says he tries to get in four or five workouts each week.

As far as his favorite excercise goes….

“The butt blaster ‘because it blasts my butt’ and went on to say that he enjoys working out his legs. His glutes are his ‘engine’ which he adds he ‘needs more of.’

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Well, there you have it. A strong ass getting blasted is the key to winning championships.

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