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Subscribe to the world’s finest college football newsletter

The Read Option is relaunching at Banner Society, your new home for college football internet.

Here is a way to sign up (though clicking on this link and filling out the very short form there seems to be a little easier for most people):

This newsletter will publish between 2 and 5 times each week — 5 times per week until Banner Society’s launch on August 21, and then roughly 3 during the college football season, and then maybe a little less frequently during the offseason. We’ll see what kind of frequencies people like best!

It’ll have some weekend reaction stuff during the season, weekly schedule watch guides, posts that are a bit more immediate than the articles we’ll put on our site, other stuff, and a lot of the kind of recruiting content we’d been sending to Bud Elliott’s Crootletter. Folks, that’s right, two college football newsletters for the non-price of one.

What’s Banner Society, you might ask? That’s explained over here. Basically, it’s this company’s new home for national college football coverage, building on what accomplished in that space over the last decade or so. It’ll be at Banner Society dot com, once we’re actually finished creating such a thing. It doesn’t replace SB Nation’s many college team sites and will hopefully become your go-to for college football stories, discussion, podcasts, and so forth — including newsletters! Oh right, subscribe to the newsletter!

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