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13 Series Finales That Sucked Big Time

Investing time in a TV show is no small task. 

As such, it's not too much to ask for a conclusion that feels not only warranted but bittersweet. 

Sadly, that thought was lost on the creative forces behind these shows because the final episodes sucked. Hard. 

Have a look below to find out just what we're talking about here. 

1. Game of Thrones

Game of thrones finale photo
Daenerys went all Mad Queen, so her lover/nephew took it upon himself to end her reign. As Dany embraced Jon, he stabbed her. Drogon retaliated by not burning Jon to smithereens. Instead, the creature melted the Iron Throne, before picking up his mother’s corpse and flying away. Oh, and Bran who will always be remembered as that kid with white eyes who mumbled for eight seasons was made King.

2. True Blood

True blood series finale
Sookie killed Bill because it hurt him that she couldn’t live a normal life or something. She moved on with some random dude several years later and seemed happier than she’s ever been. It was like the previous seven seasons did not exist. Slap in the face? Totally.

3. How I Met Your Mother

How i met your mother series finale photo
The whole show was about a dude telling his kids how he met their mother. After meeting the said mother, she was killed off in the series finale. In essence, the previous nine seasons were a waste. Even Barney and Robin didn’t get their happy ending. AWFUL.

4. Dexter

Dexter series finale photo
Dexter bumped off his sister, left his son to be raised by a serial killer. The biggest kicker? Dexter became a lumberjack. We could argue that he could put his knife skills to good use, but the finale was utter nonsense. Even worse, some fans are still calling for a revival. Just leave Dexter to play with his wood. Pun intended.

5. Lost

Lost series finale photo
Lost was a groundbreaking series that kept viewers glued to the screen for six whole seasons. Early into the show’s second season, fans started to wonder whether the characters were dead and stuck in limbo. That was vehemently denied by everyone associated with the show. So, you can imagine how viewers felt when the series finale confirmed our heroes were, indeed, dead.

6. Gossip Girl

Gossip girl series finale photo
On paper, the series finale was great. Chuck and Blair got married, and Dan and Serena got married. Shippers got their wishes, but the fundamental issue with the final installment was that Dan was revealed to be Gossip Girl. It made no sense, leaving several questions unanswered.

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