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Global Play/Pause Button Being Tested For Chrome’s Toolbar

Google is testing a global play/pause button for Chrome’s toolbar. The button will make it much easier for users to pause or play multimedia content playing in the browser. That would be regardless of the tab that it’s playing in. So if something autoplays in any one of the dozens of tabs you have open, there’s no need to go looking for the tab, just use the global button.

This feature is called Global Media Controls had it has been enabled in the Chrome Canary distribution this week. This is where new features are tested out before they’re released to the public. In its current iteration, the button appears on the right side of the URL bar where it displays a popup which slides down from the button.

This lets users stop or play media that’s currently playing in any browser tab. The button works with both audio and video content, it’s not just limited to the tabs in a window. It even works across different windows of the browser.

Google will eventually bring this feature to the stable version of Chrome for both Windows and Mac as well as Linux. However, it’s unclear precisely when the company is going to do that.

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