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“Good Times” Actor On NBA Stars: “People Don’t Want To Hear Your Political Views” (VIDEO)

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I know you remember the name Jimmie Walker. From Good times. His signature catchphrase “Dy-no-mite” still gets repeated even today from people that did not grow up watching the popular TV show. Since his time on television has ended, Walked has been a walking controversy for his political views, most notably, when there were heavy rumors he was dating controversial far-right commentator Ann Coulter. Those both stated they were just friends.

The Trump-supporting actor was recently spotted by TMZ at an airport and was asked about his opinion on rich and famous sports stars. “If I was there, I would be out shooting right now,” Walker said about making millions in the NBA. “I would be practicing now. If [I was] five-years-old, I would be shooting right now, practicing. Forget about school, forget about that stuff, forget about acting…start shooting [and] getting your jump shot in.”

“They don’t understand what it’s like to be in real life,” he said. “Real life is getting your own bags off the [luggage] carousel. No charters, no limos waiting for you.”

Walker then decided to take it a step further by suggesting that athletes shouldn’t have political views because no wants to hear what a multi-millionaire athlete has to say.

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“I don’t think they should get political. First of all, I don’t think that when you’re making $150 million a year, people don’t want to hear your political views. You have no political views at all. They’ll get angry at me for saying that but they should have no political views. They should be very happy to say, ‘I’m doing good. Donate to charity, basketball charity benefits’ or whatever, but don’t put people down. Just say, ‘I’m very fortunate to be here. I’m lucky and I’m very happy.’”

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