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Footage Shows Multiple Gunshots Ringing Out During Toronto Raptors Championship Parade (VIDEO)

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Gunshots were fired nearby the stage where the Toronto Raptors parade celebration was taking place on Monday and thousands of fans could be seen fleeing from the area.

The Toronto Police put out a tweet making the situation more clear, confirming not only the shooting, but also stating that they’d taken two people into custody, but also recovered the weapons and the two victims who were shot.

A fan just so happened to be recording at the moment it happened, and it shows fans looking where the shots came from and then flying into a panic.

Toronto Star reporter Jennifer Pagliaro captured the following scene from atop city hall:

More video:

Here’s how the Raptors announced the situation to the people closest to the ceremonial stage:

Eventually the site of the celebration itself, Nathan Phillips Square was cleared and the celebration continued as planned.

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