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Uber Will Offer Helicopter Rides In New York City

NYC traffic got you down? Why not take a helicopter to catch your next flight out of JFK airport. Starting next month, Uber will start offering helicopter rides between JFK and Lower Manhattan. Users will be able to book the Uber Copter rides through its app.

According to the New York Times, flights between Lower Manhattan and JFK will take about eight minutes and will cost between $200 and $225 per person. It will be possible to book flights up to five days in advance.

Uber estimates that this service will bring transport times from Lower Manhattan to JFK down to under half an hour. This includes the time it would take to get to the helipad in an Uber car. It typically takes up to one hour to drive the entire route and can often take double that when the traffic is really bad. It also takes up to an hour or more to make the same journey on the Long Island Railroad.

The Uber Copter service won’t be open to everyone, though. Those who want to book a flight will either need to be a Platinum or Diamond Uber Rewards member. Each flight will carry five passengers who will be limited to a carry-on bag that can’t exceed 40 pounds in addition to a small personal bag.

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