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More Disturbing Details Emerge From Kristaps Porzingis Getting Jumped In Latvia (VIDEO)

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A video of Dallas Mavericks forward Kristaps Porzingis with a bloodied face outside of an establishment in his native Latvia surfaced on Sunday.

The video shows Porzingis with cuts on his face. One tweet of the video claimed the player “got jumped in his hometown” in a club in Liepaja, Latvia.

More details have since emerged and it reveals that a “group of Russians” may have been upset at him for being traded from the New York Knicks to the Dallas Mavericks.

“Our sources say that a handful of Russians confronted Kristaps,” TMZ wrote, “supposedly upset with the fact that he’d switched teams down here in the States … and an all-out tussle broke out. It would appear to have been pretty violent, ’cause Kristaps was bleeding from his head.”

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon has since confirmed that Porzingis was not the aggressor in the situation, but once he tried to defend himself, the group fired back with inanimate objects they took from the club.

Back in February, Porzingis saw his tenure with the Knicks end after the franchise traded him to Dallas. It would soon be revealed that Porzingis was accused of sexual assault by a New York woman who claimed the player raped her in 2018.

Good news for the mavericks is that despite the wound on his head, Porzingis did not suffer any injuries.

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