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Zion Williamson’s amazing March Madness highlights, all in one place

All eyes are on Zion in the NCAA tournament. This is every brilliant moment.

Zion Williamson is a human highlight reel, Dominique Wilkins reincarnated as a 6’7” tank with a built-in surface-to-air missile launcher. Every time Zion elevates, he detonates, ripping rims and sometimes defenders down with every rim-rattling stuff.

Williamson is so dynamic, CBS created a camera specifically for him. They didn’t want to miss a single millisecond of his high-flying heroics during the 2019 NCAA Tournament. And guess what? Neither did we.

Williamson lit North Dakota State up for 25 points on 12-of-16 shooting from the field in his first tournament game. His reel is a reminder of how dominant a player he’s been in college basketball this season, and a preview of what the team with the first-overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft can add to its franchise if the ping pong balls fall in their favor.

Williamson started the night with a massive block

But he was relatively quiet in the first half. Duke had to shake off some nerves. They’re a young team in their first NCAA tournament. The close first-half score was an indication they had to get it together.

But Williamson took over in the second half

He got his own rebound off a free throw and threw a one-handed dunk down.

He somehow out-sprinted a North Dakota State guard before finishing at the rim in transition.

He nearly obliterated the AT&T Above The Rim camera after his dunk shook the backboard beyond control.

He even swished a three — YES, HE CAN HIT THREES.

Williamson is a machine. He’s the machine that’s fueled the Duke’s NCAA tournament run. He’ll also fuel this post, which we’ll continue to update with every highlight he has while the Blue Devils pursue a championship.

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