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Jenelle Evans: Are MULTIPLE Exes Trying to Win Her Back?!

Jenelle Evans might not always get the love and support she needs from her family, and she's certainly not getting it from fans.

Of course, Evans spent the past decade digging her own grave, and we have zero sympathy for her.

But maybe if she finds the functional relationship she's been looking for, it'll help her to become slightly less monstrous.

Or not. Yeah, probably not.

Check out the latest developments in Jenelle's complex love life:

1. The Object of Affection

Jenelle opens up
Jenelle is having a tough time these days, and she probably needs all the support she can get.

2. Land Man

David eason shoots stuff
Sure, she’s got David Eason at home, but — do we really need to say anything more about that?

3. The Split

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
David and Jenelle recently broke up (or pretended to as a publicity stunt), but these days, they’re newly back together.

4. Trouble on the Land

Jenelle in leggings
However, that may be soon to change following the reemergence of not one, but two shady figures from Jenelle’s past.

5. Deadbeat Returns

Jenelle evans with andrew lewis
First, there’s Jace’s dad, Andrew Lewis. Teen Mom 2 has been promising an Andrew storyline all season, and now, it looks like it’s finally happening.

6. This Dude’s Style Is Too Much

Jenelle ex 1
A trailer for next week’s Teen Mom 2 promises the return of Andrew — but it doesn’t look as though he and Jenelle will cross paths yet.

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