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Jenelle Evans: Lying About Health Problems for Attention?!

Jenelle Evans isn't the most reliable person on the planet.

And that's for just so many reasons.

Honestly, who has the time to count all her negative qualities?

Instead of doing a full rundown of her faults, let's just focus on one.

The lying.

Jenelle has been caught in so many lies over the years, about big things, small things … maybe even everything.

This week, she's been caught lying about her health.

And the whole thing really is just classic Jenelle.

1. So Many Problems

Jenelle evans her selfie
So Jenelle has suffered from many, many health problems over the years … according to Jenelle, anyway.

2. The Big One

Jenelle evans is upset
One of those problems, and the one we’ve seen firsthand on Teen Mom 2, is addiction.

3. A Big Deal

Jenelle in leggings
Back when she was with Kieffer, and then when she married Courtland, she was addicted to heroin.


Jenelle evans is sad
She’s also smoked weed for many, many years, and while that’s obviously not as dangerous as heroin, she did smoke so much that Ensley had it in her system when she was born, so, you know, that’s not great.

5. Mental Illness

Jenelle evans instagram ad
At one point, she was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

6. Oh, Jenelle …

Jenelle pic
And then, of course, there was her big health crisis back in 2016 — the one where she could “see molecules” and went from doctor to doctor to get treatment.

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