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Temptation Island Recap: Another Relationship Crumbles!

The couples appear to be dropping like flies on Temptation Island. 

That’s sort of what happens when you go on a reality show that makes couples live apart in houses that have various singles. 

Shari Ligons, Tyler Sabino on Temptation Island

The show went for a refreshing take to the second dates:

The couples got the opportunity to choose which of the eligible singles they wanted to go on a date with. This was done well away from the prying eyes of their significant others. 

Did this lead to jealous couples leaving the island with the fear that the dates went a little too well?

Not a chance in hell. 

Kaci was still not impressed by Evan’s antics. She wanted her boyfriend to realize that their relationship was worth salvaging, but she was not ruling out getting close to her date Justin. 

Justin was easy on the eyes and had a no-nonsense approach to cheating. In short, he was the polar opposite of Evan. 

Javen Butler, Shari Ligons for USA Network

“My date with Justin actually taught me a lot, and it just really opened my eyes that if Evan does blindside me at the end of this that I really need to move on and cut that out of my life,” Kaci admitted, adding:

“It’s not what I deserve.”

She had a point, but why did she need to come on TV to come to that conclusion? 

Evan is an ass, and Kaci needs to cut him out of her life before leaving the island. 

Then there was Nicole. Her guard was up during the date with Jack, and for most of her relationship with Karl. 

Temptation Island Couples

“I’m realizing that Karl and I haven’t opened up as deeply as I thought in our relationship, and being able to open up and be vulnerable with somebody I just met — it’s a whole new perspective to me on our relationship and what I really need to be striving for,” she said in a confessional.

Maybe she has a point, but does she have cause to drop Karl like a hot potato at this stage? 

Probably not. 

Elsewhere, Evan was all about trying to bury the hatchet with Morgan, and it seems like there’s actually some chemistry between them. 

Spending more time together, they seemed to agree there could be something there if they worked on it. 

Evan Smith, Kaci Campbell

“I did not think this was gonna happen like this,” Evan said in his confessional. “I’d be lying if I said I’m not going to explore whatever she’s got.”

But the drama switched into high gear when Evan was shown the video of Kaci’s date, and her chatting about his status as a cheater. 

“I’m not a cheater anymore, man, and that hurts,” Evan said as though he was about to burst out crying. 

Maybe this show should be called Karma Island because something tells me Evan is going to be bawling the whole season when Kaci finds her upgrade. 

Temptation Island continues Tuesdays on USA Network.

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